Mercury Mariner Mercruiser Vessel View Mobile Smartcraft Outboard Phone App. P/N: 8M0157078

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Smart Craft on your mobile device (iOS or Android) with all the digital data a Smart Craft engine supports. 

Connects your Mercrusier, Mercury or Mariner Smart Craft capable engine built since 2003 40 HP and up, via Bluetooth.

Please note, the Terminator Resistor is NOT included with the Vessel View Mobile. 

It should already be installed into the diagnostic port that the Vessel View Mobile plugs into. 

If the Terminator Resistor is missing, this can also be purchased from our website.

Part number: 859318T1

Digital Gauges on Your Device.

Digital Gauges on Your Device.

The Vessel View Mobile app displays key data for one to four engines on your smartphone (Android® or Apple® iPhone®). Keep track of your fuel usage, engine temperature, battery life, rpm – or any other data points you want to see. There are dozens of data points to choose from, and you can customize up to three screens to fit your style. The information provided via Vessel View Mobile is much more accurate than most analogue gauges. You’ll have a much better sense of your true rpm, your fuel burn, your speed, your fluid-pressure levels – anything that can be measured on analogue gauges will be more accurate with Vessel View Mobile.

Easy to Install and Set Up.

Easy to Install and Set Up.

The Vessel View Mobile module connects to any Mercury Smart Craft-capable engine – outboards and sterndrives, 2003 and newer, 40hp and up. Install the module in just a few minutes, connect with the app and you’re ready to get on the water! 

Know What’s Going On.

Know What’s Going On.

With the Vessel View Mobile module connected to your engine you can easily keep track of true engine running hours and know ahead of time when you’re due for a regular maintenance interval. In addition to providing information on your engine’s performance, Vessel View Mobile can even notify you if something isn’t right. More than just a series of beeps or a numeric code, Vessel View Mobile will tell you in clear language what is going on with your engine.

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