Outboard Winterisation Pack Fuel Additive Stabiliser Fogging Oil Boat Marine

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Evinrude / Johnson / BRP  Winterisation Pack.

This pack consists of four items: 

1 x 8 fl oz of 2 + 4 Fuel Conditioner / Stabiliser.

1 x Storage Fogging Oil 340g can. 

1 x Engine Tuner 369g can.

1 x Anti-Corrosion 312g can.

Fuel Conditioner / Stabiliser:

The Fuel Conditioner extends the shelf life of fresh fuel, prevents gum and varnish deposits, absorbs small amounts of moisture in the fuel, contains corrosion inhibitors reducing long term corrosion of metal components in the fuel system.

1 oz treats 5 US gallons for operational use or treats 2.5 US gallons for storage for up to 1 year.

Storage Fogging Oil:

The storage fogging oil is formulated to combat internal corrosion in two stroke and four stroke engines during off season storage.

Protects cylinder walls, piston rings and other combustion chamber surfaces from rust.

Engine Tuner:

Removes carbon deposits and cleans combustion chambers.

Recommended to maintain full power and efficiency in outboard motors, marine engines and other internal combustion two stroke and four stroke engines.

Used when outboards are serviced. Ideal to use before adding storage fogging oil before off season storage.

Anti Corrosion Spray:

Protects all external surfaces of engines from rust and corrosion in all environments.

Excellent for use during prolonged storage in humid locations, and highly effective against corrosion caused by salt water.

Safe to apply to any surface.

Not to be used in Evinrude E-TEC outboards.  Cannot be used in diesel engines.


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